Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Other Blog

Hello Fellas... long time no see

Yup, already it has been a long time I didn't write anything here, in blogspot
But actually, I have another blog that recently I post some posts there, much more than here, blogspot.

The blog is in wordpress domain, guys.
I used to close it (for a reason), but for some reasons too I post in there again. hehe... and I think the feature in wordpress are more sophisticated then blogspot has. wonder how??? check it out, guys ^^

Ok, here I let you know my wordpress blog is

Visit and read it please, hopefully could be usefull for you, or maybe it could entertaint you in your leisure time :-)

You also may write any comment there ^_^

So... finally you all know why recently I vanished from my blogspot blog (hehe... yups... fond of wordpress...)



Maulida said...

wah pindah lapak nih gan

Elsha said...

iya len... gak tau kapan mau buka blogspot lagi, biasanya klo inget aja ^^

molen gak mau cb jg?

cool lho

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