Monday, March 15, 2010

Nice Dream

Last time, in between 5-6 AM, March 10th 2010, I dreamed that I was sick, and when I wanted to go somewhere, I saw a person, this person was sitting, crossed-leg sat on the floor. At a moment, I just wanted to get spoiled by the person, and had a big desire to hug the person. When I came to the person, I sat next to this person, and layed my head upon the person’s leg. The person hugged me back, the person caressed me softly, caressed my veil, and my back. Oh, Ya Allah… it just could health my heart, and my illness. It calmed me down… I almost slept away there… but something woke me up that morning, so my dream was stoped. But my feeling still continues wants to be calmed by the person.

The person is someone that I definetly know has a strong principe and love me sincerely. I know the person many-many years ago (once upon a time….), that always wants to see me happy, and always could makes me smile from the heart. And when the person is doing something wrong, I just don’t care, still I love the person…sincerely…

*oopppsssss, don’t make any wrong assumption please :D


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